Ranch boards

Area of application

Private gardens, parks, schools/preschools, playgrounds and more.

Types of wood

Robinia Acacia


Sawn, planed, splinters removed, sanded, chamfered

Product range

Robinia, unsanded with natural edge of the tree, Robinia edged, wooden beams

Robinia boards unsawn, with the natural edge of the tree Thickness: 3cm, width from 15cm to 20cm,

Processing: sawn, with bark. Lengths: 120cm, 150cm, 200cm, 240cm

Robinia boards grinded with natural edge of the tree Thickness: 2.8cm, width from 15cm to 20cm,

Processing: planed on both sides, tree edge without sapwood/sanded, sanded. Lengths: 120cm, 150cm, 200cm, 240cm

Deski ranczo
Deski ranczo
Deski ranczo

Ranch boards

Do you dream of a fence in a truly rural style? Robinia acacia ranch board will perfectly express your love of natural style inspired by rural homesteads. The irregular shape of the acacia ranch board will emphasize the character of the property. In addition, thanks to its properties, this board will last for years providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing fence for the property.

Acacia ranch board is a great choice for private homes, but also public areas.

The durability that these boards offer makes using them in high-traffic areas no problem. Resistant to bad weather, frost, wind, strong sun, robinia acacia ranch boards will maintain a great appearance and will not lose their original properties for many years.

They are an excellent choice when planning the fencing of the property.

Acacia ranch boards are successfully used as a building material for fences of kindergartens, schools, farm pens, playgrounds, as well as private properties. They will make you feel closer to nature. Contact us and choose ranch boards of our production today.

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